Fuelling Entrepreneurs with The European Investment Fund (EIF)


VenturesOne has been selected to join the European Angels Fund Netherlands (EAF) and will co-invest with the EAF in innovative early growth companies.

An EIF advised initiative, the EAF provides funding to investors for the financing of innovative companies. It co-invests with experienced Business Angels and SME investor companies, who have a successful investment track record and access to quality deals, with the capacity to invest between €0.25K – 3M per deal.

“EAF Netherlands is happy to have VenturesOne as one of the first partners on the program that intends to boost access to risk financing to Dutch early stage and growth entrepreneurs by partnering with local business angels, syndicates and family offices,” said Kriss Spulis (Country lead EAF Netherlands).

While investment decisions will be taken by VenturesOne, the agreement is based on an equal footing basis and allows for co-investment of up to €10M.

Edward de Jager, CEO VenturesOne, expressed that “VenturesOne is about fuelling entrepreneurs to create iconic lasting companies, so it’s fantastic to partner with the EAF to push more entrepreneurial visions towards a reality.”

VenturesOne is an entrepreneurial venture capital firm, focused on commercially promising, innovative companies to achieve lasting success. Passionate about turning good companies into great ones, they offer founding entrepreneurs access to experience, knowledge and network, in addition to capital. Founded by serial entrepreneurs, VenturesOne is active in Europe and (South East) Asia, operating from offices in The Hague and Singapore.
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Connect with Mark Offerman in Europe (markofferman@venturesone.com) or Rafael Aldon in Asia (rafaelaldon@venturesone.com