Good start of the year for Aym Design

It has been a busy start to the year for Aym Design. Chinese New year saw the end to a large commercial design & build project for Trax Image Recognition. We started the project in late November when they took over a 7000sqf space at the iconic OCBC Centre in Singapore’s CBD. This was a completely bare unit and required us to do both the design and oversee the fit-out.

This month we will also be finishing a 5000sqf renovation project for Direct Asia Insurance in their large shop house on the edge of China Town. This has been particularly challenging project as the company carried on operating from the space during the entire process. This meant the work needed to be split into several stages to be completed over a number of weekends.

Trax Boardroom proposal
Trax Image Recognition – Boardroom proposal

So, as you can imagine, the focus here has been very much about the Corporate Office space and what makes for an exciting and productive working environment.

We believe that your space forms the basis and structure for how your staff operate. If planned properly, your working environment can help open up new arenas for communication and collaboration. Our aim is to help our clients increase their employee productivity and engagement. We have found that the easiest way to do this is to break the process down into 4 key areas of consideration:

1. Understanding the Space

What is enough space? How much space do each of your staff require to get their job done?
This relates to more than just the size of the desk. Different roles often require different amounts of desk space or storage space, and this thought needs to go beyond just the size of desks.
Trax wanted to keep their environment quite traditional. They had a lot of space to play with and therefore we could give generous size desks to all the employees. It also meant that all their managing staff could have their own offices. We also included two large phone booths spaces that the staff could either use for confidential calls or take their laptops over to work alone for a few hours.

Trax Main Office Space
Trax Image Recognition – Main Office Space

2. Utilise natural light

We spend a huge share of our waking hours indoors at our workstations, often far away from windows or natural light. (In fact I have seen a large number of offices here in Singapore with no windows at all!) Sunlight is proven to impact our mood and fatigue, thus effecting our productivity.

Trax was very fortunate to find a space surrounded not only by natural light, but also with its own balcony area. They made the most of this by placing all the offices along the center of the space keeping the majority of the windows free for everyone to enjoy.

3. Showcase your brand.
Branding is just not just limited to your website and business cards it should follow all the way through into the design of office. Perhaps the most important space for this is the reception. This is a key area to flaunt your business identify and should incorporate much more than just your logo. It should be a space that immediately evokes a connection with your company’s brand and culture.
Trax wished for something modern yet sophisticated. We kept the décor simple and professional except for a large branded X on the entrance floor. This created interest and intrigue, guiding their visitors in from the lift lobby.

Trax Reception
Trax Reception

4. Be Original.

Breakout spaces, pantry’s or collaboration areas are your chance to do something different. These spaces allow you to break free of the monotonous rows of desks. They are the areas that will give your office a dynamic and original look. These environments should foster inspiration and ‘out of the box’ thinking. They should allow your staff to feel free and comfortable to have an informal chat or speak their mind. There is nothing better that a change of scenery to break communication barriers and enhance collaborative thinking.

As you can see from the image below, Trax took the liberty of doing just that. As you enter into their pantry the mood and style changes completely. The exposed brickwork and open ceiling create a much more relaxed and comfy feel allowing people to step away for a coffee and really feel they have had a short break.

Trax Pantry
Trax Pantry