Introducing Hague Fund

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Hague Fund is an actively managed investment fund with a strong focus on volatile global markets.
The idea behind Hague Fund was born during the crisis of 2008. After seeing many portfolios taking hit after hit, we decided investing in the markets should and could be done differently.
We started formulating principles on which the new investment policy should be based. E.g. no single investment can ever lead to a significant loss of the total portfolio or a participant should never have to endure lockup periods. Neither shall we ever delude our clients or ourselves with making predictions where the markets should go. Furthermore, we also wanted to exclude our own emotions from the investment policy. This last point led automatically to another hurdle: learning how to program.
Overcoming this last hurdle we thought coming from here to going live with a fund would be a walk in the park. We were wrong. These last necessary steps were really hard. Fortunately, we were lucky to come across our current partners, VenturesOne and Young Venture Capital. Together we built up a live track record and set up the structure for an open ended investment fund. Now, after multiple years of testing, Hague Fund is more than ready.
For more details, Hague Fund is proud to invite you to our website www.haguefund.com.