JustPremium launches additional ad formats


 JustPremium, the first and leading Ad Exchange for High Impact Ads, launches a new productline to increase revenues of highly esteemed publishers.

Brands constantly challenge their media agencies and trading desks to improve engagement with their target audiences. As a result performance indicators are shifting from click through rates (CTRs) to brand related performance indicators. Viewability and view time is rapidly gaining ground as leading criteria for branding campaigns.

The focus of JustPremium remains the portfolio of internationally successful and highly engaging Rich Media Ads. The additional product line has been developed to benefit from the shifting performance indicators of premium brands. The new product line of six fresh and well-tested formats include three web based and three mobile ads.

Additional product line.

The additional products will provide an incremental revenue source to publishers. Therefore benefiting even more from the partnership with JustPremium. Herewith an overview of the additional products:

Additional desktop products:
• Page Peel Ad (300×250)
• Double Skyscraper (2 times 120/160×600)
• Push up Leaderboard (728×90)

Additional mobile products:
• Mobile Fullpage Interstitial (300×600)
• Mobile Footer (Sticky) Ad (320×50 or 320×100)
• Mobile Halfpage Interstitial (300×250)

How to increase revenues without additional effort?

The new product line can be added to the current JustPremium tag already running to deliver High Impact Ads. No additional efforts from publishers are required. Even the current frequency capping will remain in place. JustPremium will only run one ad size at the same time. Even with the launch of the additional ad products, this will remain unaltered. Of course, JustPremium will make sure the most profitable ad size will be sold to the highest bidder. In most cases High Impact Ads will prevail over the additional ad products. The new product line will generate uplift in fill rates and as a result drive more revenues to publishers. As always the ad products will be added to the current reporting dashboard of JustPremium enabling publishers to monitor performance and revenues.