New webshop of Kids Worldwide Factory is live: Toverkast.nl.


The main purpose of this web-shop is to give a new dimension to the sales of the merchandise from the television program: Chloe’s Toverkast. Chloe’s Toverkast is a television program, which has been produced to give the children a solid combination of: enjoyment and education. The television program is visible every morning on RTL Telekids and has an average of 1.025.963 views per month, making it one of the top ten most viewed series of RTL.

Kids Worldwide Factory created its’ own online sales platform for the products related to Chloe’s to ensure that the merchandise is going to be as successful as the television program. This platform has specially been designed to make the purchasing process of a Chloe’s product an unique experience. This unique experience is also visible in the new marketing strategy, which will be used to promote this new online platform.