Further expansion of Meddex

According to Meddex, a lot is happening in the Mid-Eastern region of The Netherlands. After welcoming Maas Pantein Ziekenhuis in Boxmeer to the Meddex’s customer base, the two hospitals Streekziekenhuis Koningin Beatrix (Winterswijk) and Slingeland Ziekenhuis (Doetinchem) selected Meddex and signed an agreement. Due to a recent merger, the ability to exchange medical data with XDS technology was high on their wish list. Besides that, they are well aware of the opportunities that Meddex’s XDS approach offers: to exchange medical data safely, with patient consent, between the regional academic center (Radboud UMC) and other regional hospitals, supported by an ICT facilitating organization that provides services for many healthcare providers in the region.


In the same Mid-Eastern region, orthopaedic hospital Sint Maartenskliniek opted for Meddex too. They want to be able to exchange orthopaedic images and reports for instance with the same academic hospitals as mentioned above and the Arnhem based hospital Rijnstate, but also with Maas Pantein Ziekenhuis that signed an agreement earlier and has recently started with the implementation. But Pantein wants more: for them, collaboration with local general practitioners is vital. Therefore exchanging medical data with them, and facilitating these practitioners, is of major importance too. With XDS and Meddex, they will have a solid solution to do so. As our government stimulates that patients should have insight into their own medical data, it is a matter of time before Meddex will implement this XDS solution for Pantein’s clients in this region too.