Mobytron launches Flash Trading with Traderz

Dean Takahashi December 04, 2015

If you ever felt like you were brilliant at predicting what would happen next on a stock market, this app is for you. Mobytron is introducing the Traderz mobile trading platform today that allows everybody to make play-by-second predictions on their financial fingertips.

MOBYTRON is the first company trying to change trading into a Financial First Person Shooter (F-FPS) experience. Players will be able to pick the outcome on their mobile devices in every second of a market, according to MOBYTRON. Players can compete (hedge) in real-time by predicting the next second, minute or hour when trading live financial markets.

Will the pointer of the graph hit your single or multiple invests in a row? With Traderz, mobile players will be able to make invests intuitively.

Image Credit: MOBYTRON

“Real-time, play-by-second predictions on your fingertips have never been achieved before, but I’m just as excited about the duality of this platform,” said De Groot, founder and CEO of MOBYTRON, in a statement. “Our platform is designed to offer social, strategy, and shooter trading within a single app and with the ability to switch modes automatically based on the user’s location and the live local exchanges. This is a monumental accomplishment, and the platform has been awarded a Dutch patent on this real time interactive prediction with several more pending that protect that achievement.”

Players will be able to invite and make picks against their friends for fun using virtual money or play against the field for cash prizes (in most territories). MOBYTRON lets players pick more than 200 different options per second in every live market, currency or commodity.

The Traderz mobile game is the first app from Amsterdam-based MOBYTRON, which was started by former performance based marketing executive Paul B de Groot.

“We’re changing the way people watch and enjoy financial trading. With Traderz, financial fans are not only passive traders (strategists) but also the ultra-active financial shooters.” said Mark Offerman, MOBYTRON’s chief operations officer, in a statement. “It brings a rapid-fire intensity that you just don’t get from other trading platforms, and as a result, makes watching trading a competition itself. Whether making simple pass or run second-predictions, or going deep choosing from end-of-the-day odds that change dynamically, Traderz brings a never-seen-before level of engagement for casual and hardcore traders alike.”