Nexassure agency launches Volkswagen & Audi extended warranty in China

In continuing to support one of China’s largest insurance companies promote vehicle extended warranty, NexAssure Agency has been successful in developing and securing a programme designed for select dealers of Volkswagen and Audi in Beijing. The programme provides dealerships the opportunity to offer their customers 1, 2 and 3 years of bumper to bumper coverage following the expiry of the 3 years’ manufacturer’s warranty. If adoption rates prove successful, our programme will be rolled out to other dealers in Beijing and into other regions.

China buys more Volkswagen Group cars than all of Western Europe combined. It is the German automaker’s biggest market. In January 2016 alone, Volkswagen & Audi sales amounted to over 350,000 vehicle sales. NexAssure Management will provide expert claims assistance to the Chinese insurer with recommendations for larger claims as well as provide claim audits to Hannover Re, the reinsurer supporting NexAssure Agency. NexAssure are developing a number of new extended warranty programmes for the Chinese market working with major insurance companies and manufacturers.

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