JustPremium is the premium supplier of OpenX Enterprise 3.0, a convenient and highly advanced AdServer that focuses on optimizing the revenue streams and simplifying Ad Operations. Through an integrated AdMarket, JustPremium offers publishers access to the complete ad offer of DSP’s, trade-desks, networks, media agencies and advertisers. They use a real time bidding system on the ad positions of publishers. The publisher determines the rules by indicating who is and who is not allowed to bid and against what minimum price. Premium advertisers are willing to pay higher rates for relevant target groups. JustPremium defines, segments and exploits the target groups. JustPremium allows advertisers to target their target groups worldwide on Websites, by which  the range of the advertiser is enlarged and advertising fees are based on actual visitors on the website. The Lightbox Ad and Floorad are largesized expressions that are displayed as layer before a visitor arrives on the desired website. The formats are striking and have a high impact. The people behind JustPremium have almost 15 years of experience in online advertising.