Kids Worldwide Factory


Kids worldwide Factory provides complete and professional services of high quality in the creation, production and marketing of kids brands all over the world. How? By creating the ideal mix of Creative, Commercial, Retail, Licensing, Design and Multi-Media.

  • TV and multi-media format/brand creation for children from 0-12 years
  • (Co-)Production of TV series and development for multimedia formats in collaboration with our first- class partners
  • Strategic advice on many different levels. We offer this on a long term/project basis but also as needed
  • Consulting on, and guidance with trademark strategy/IP-rights, TV series and buying and selling of films, games and music both globally and regionally
  • Marketing & branding through broadcasting on leading national and international public (KIKA Germany, PBS Sprout USA) and commercial networks (Nickelodeon Benelux)
  • Social media, interactive websites, events and public relations
  • Merchandising, licensing and joint promotion. We have an international perpective on licensing and can help you with global and regional brand licensing strategies, including sales and development.


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