Patients at Maastricht University Medical Center+ have online access to their medical data

Patient portal to be linked to PHR Medischegegevens.nl
On November 1st, Maastricht University Medical Center+ launched a patient portal for patients who want to check their medical data online. The portal gives patients initially access to their medical history, patient letters from specialists, appointments, allergies, risk factors and gives an opportunity to fill out health questionnaires. The new portal that retrieves medical data from the SAP hospital information system and other sources will be linked with the personal health records on ‘Medischegegevens.nl’. This gives patients treated by multiple healthcare providers the opportunity to view their data from other connected providers.

In this collaboration Maastricht UMC+ developed the patient portal and Meddex unlocked underlying medical applications thus making medical data available in the patient portal. Meddex uses XDS standards and profiles. These are globally recognized and proven standards that enable regional and supra-regional exchange of medical data.

Fifth hospital
Maastricht UMC+ is the fifth hospital that will be using the personal health record of Medischegegevens.nl, which has already connected more than 25,000 patients. Besides Medischegegevens.nl, Meddex converts medical data from all diagnostic and information systems from health care institutions. Twenty-three general hospitals and University Medical Centres work with Meddex as a partner for medical data exchange.