Super Sportlets ready for Russia

Super Sportlets (large)

This summer the Super Sportlets are ready to visit Russia!
After their previous successes in the Benelux, Hungary, the US and South America the Sportlets are again broadening their scope. This time they are looking forward to meeting the Russian viewers. A Russian screener is now available here.

Super Sportlets features four young, collegeaged aliens from the Planet Sportus who pursue bad guy Rudy Rude to Earth. They must stop him from robbing Earth kids of their energy and turning them into videogame playing, junk food eating couch potatoes. The four sporting superheroes, Athletica, Ballistico, Charm, and Strongo, appear as normal humans in their ultra-modern gymnasium, a place where kids can practice and improve their various sporting skills. Besides utilizing their unique superhero abilities, the Super Sportlets use a super computer, SID (Sports Information Download) to become experts in Earth sports so they can foil energy bandit, Rudy Rude.

Super Sportlets is produced by Kids worldwide Factory in co-production with Mike Young Productions and was launched on VRT reaching an average market share of 47% in its first season the Benelux. In the US Super Sportlets is a top four rating program reaching millions of kids on Kabillion and its fan base has grown each successive month since the start of broadcast in June of 2012.