Talent Meeting Day Erasmus IBET Event


One of the biggest concentrations of business economics students in the Netherlands directs to the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Last month International Students Rotterdam (ISR) organised a recruitment event to help all the international students in the Netherlands to launch themselves into a start of their career.

During this event, VenturesOne (represented by Wilbert Keunen, Simone Brand and Mark Offerman) organized a workshop to give the students a slight taste of the Venture Capital Business and the activities of our subsidiaries.

This interactive session produced a waterfall of enthusiastic reactions and resumes sent to our mailbox. From this diverse and international group we selected and invited the top-20 participants of the event to a meeting day at the House of Ventures in The Hague.

On May 31st 2016 we organised the very first Talent Meeting Day bringing together the future business talents and our subsidiaries. The afternoon started with short presentations by some of our subsidiaries.

Harmen Tjaarda, director at JustPremium, gave a capturing presentation about what exciting international roll-out strategies JustPremium is working on and what specific talent is needed to properly manage their explosive growth.

Founder of Saltrex, Michael Hajdasinski, talked about the preparations to be made now that the launch of the upcoming platform for salvaged goods is coming into view. He is looking for a multidisciplinary team that can provide a basic backbone of company processes and strategies.

Patrick de Koning, founder of the algorithmic trading company The Hague Fund, introduced us to the inner workings of the system and why he is looking for smart people that could assist THF with a multitude of back testing cases.

Last but not least, Hans Peddemors introduced us to Meddex, the subsidiary that is working hard on their ambitions related to  the ‘EPD’ (Elektronisch Patienten Dossier/ Patient Data Files) . Meddex is looking for smart people who can assist them in finance modelling.

We have been told that all four of the participating subsidiaries are currently hiring from this international talent pool of students.

VenturesOne NL & VenturesOne Asia have both contracted the first students  who have already started working on various projects.

The first Talent Meeting Day has proven to be a success. To be continued!

Knipsel VODEF