The Interscroller will be the #1 mobile ad format for publishers


JustPremium, the world’s first programmatic Rich Media Ad Exchange, is anticipating the Interscoller to become the most accepted mobile ad format by publishers and advertisers.

The Interscroller slides elegantly on and off the screen as a user scrolls through the mobile web page. It ensures a seamless user experience, while providing advertisers with a highly viewable ad. Not to mention endless creative possibilities.

“According to previous findings by Celltra and PadSquad, the viewability rate of the Mobile Interscroller beats the average rates of mobile ad formats by 5 times. The compelling performance of the Interscroller will be one of the drivers of mobile ad spend shifting towards this engaging ad format.

In combination with Google’s recent announcement to adjust its ranking policy for mobile web pages accepting mobile overlays, the Interscroller will be the leading ad format for publishers looking to monitize their continuously growing mobile inventory,” says Harmen Tjaarda, COO of JustPremium.

Leveraging JustPremium’s Rich Media Ad Exchange, over 2000 premium publisher’s domains have already been connected to the Mobile Interscoller globally. Therefore, advertisers are able to programmatically buy the Mobile Interscroller at scale while targeting their relevant audiences.