The six advantages of the JustPremium network

justpremium 9 nov

Take advantage of a strong advertiser base. No matter how broad or niche your website is, JustPremium Ad Exchange gives you instantaneous access to one of the world’s largest marketplaces for High Impact Display and Video Ads. Multiple relevant advertisers participate in real-time auctions to deliver only the highest paying ads on your pages.

The six advantages of the JustPremium network are:

1. No hassle, their ad formats are served from one Ad tag, which can be implemented in every ad server, SSP or directly on the page. Should you need any help the tech team of JustPremium would be happy to assist you.

2. Adding professionalism to your website, the ad units improve the overall look and feel of your website. The formats of JustPremium offer many creative possibilities to advertisers, which means that boring irrelevant ads belong to the past.

2. JustPremium only works with respected global and local brands, so the users can enjoy the most beautiful and relevant ads. JustPremium is also using extensive filters to prevent ads that you don’t want slipping on your website.

3. If you are already using standard IAB formats, no need to worry. Since JustPremium is using advanced layering technology the ads can run simultaneously next to your already existing ad placements. All revenue will be incremental making sure that, with the higher CPM prices, your revenues will see a tremendous increase.

4. Only favour a few of the ad formats? Not a problem at all, as their publisher you are fully in control of the formats that run on your website. Please let JustPremium know what products you’d like to take advantage of and they will take care of the rest.

5. JustPremium will only run one format per impression and most of their products have a standard frequency capping, which can be adjusted by you. Publishers always have full control over floor prices, buyers, reach and frequency capping’s. Each publisher receives an own login for their console to monitor his or her revenue. Which will be paid out on a monthly basis.

6. New: they have released an additional set of products. These ad units will further improve your fill-rates and therefore your revenue. These additional products are tapping into an already existing pool of advertisers, which means that you will have instant demand. These formats can be added to your current ad tags by their team remotely.