“JustPremium has been growing over a 100% year on year and we will be the industry standard for rich media products for online display.”

Harmen Tjaarda and Eric Visser - COO and CEO, JustPremium

“I work with VenturesOne as my partner, I don’t have to keep this separation between the investor camp and the company camp.”

Gaurav Genani - Founder and CEO, Skel-Ex


We are entrepreneurs, doers, and go-getters.

It’s about more than growth capital. We believe in rolling our sleeves up to work with entrepreneurs to provide the insights, skills, and experience they need to take their company to the next level.



We are not your typical investor.

Our flat structure means we move faster and demonstrate greater conviction over the long-term. We bring much more than capital alone. Knowledge, skills, know-how, networks and a never-ending appetite for success.

“We partner with ambitious entrepreneurs to build successful and enduring companies.”

Hans Peddemors  –   Director, VenturesOne


We work with exceptional teams to build iconic, lasting companies.

Our sweet spot is working with founders when they have gotten their product right and revenues are beginning to scale up. Everything is going right, and everything must change.


Our passion is turning good ideas into great companies.

We’ve built our own great companies and know just what a tough and fulfilling journey that can be.



We are entrepreneurial, professional and innovative.


We like to think BIG!


We build companies to LAST.


We think and invest long-term, building value over time.


We keep it simple, translating intentions into concrete actions.


We keep you being PRODUCTIVE.


We work hard and have FUN.


We are passionate and enjoy what we are doing.

We work with exceptional teams to build iconic, lasting companies

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