Get in the ring challenge

Get in the Ring Challenge


Entrepreneurship is all about the fight and we need to roll with the punches to stay in the ring.

And if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re ready to kick it up a notch then be part of the Global Meet Up 2018 and take this Challenge.


What is the challenge?


SkelEx is inviting other innovative start-ups to collaborate with them in looking for solutions to augment strength to those who are working hard to make our lives easy. If you’re passionate about solving practical and real-world challenges, then look no further.

For selected start-ups, there is a possibility to develop and test the solutions in partnership with SkelEx and their corporate partners, such as Bilfinger. Selected start-ups will demonstrate their solution with an on-site demo, based on which the opportunity for pilot testing and funds to further develop the solution in collaboration with SkelEx will be offered.


The ultimate goal is to bring a working solution to the customers in the next 12 – 18 months.


Lifting solutions: ones that help in repetitive lifting and moving heavy objects (>15 kg), such as for baggage handling at airports or in logistics

Handling solutions: ones that help in handling tools and workpieces (<15kg) for assembly, inspection, maintenance or cleaning, ranging from window cleaning to sandblasting to the repetitive handling of heavy tools in manufacturing

Peripheral solutions: ones that do not directly augment strength, but help the workers, eg heating/cooling/ sensors/connectivity.




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