Getting a challenger business off the ground takes a lot of energy; getting it from there into orbit, takes even more fuel.


VenturesOne Management Team



We take a long-term partnership approach to our ventures, not the traditional 3-5 years horizon that many private equity houses adopt.


We sit at the founder's table, not the other way around. We want to help build successful and sustainable ventures.


With offices in the Netherlands and Singapore, we are able to support entrepreneurs scaling businesses across Europe and Asia.


We Exit when you do. Exit is not our focus. We focus on medium and long-term value creation.

We are focused on finding partners who share a common vision for growing their business and an appetite for long-term value creation.


VenturesOne Asia


We have a diverse portfolio of ventures and an appetite for working with long-term partners who share a common vision for creating value over time. Here’s what we are looking for:

  • TEAM

    We look for ambitious and dedicated Management Teams with a deep knowledge of the business sector they work in and sharp commercial acumen. As Peter Drucker says “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”.


    We invest in Europe and SE Asia based businesses, served from our offices in The Hague & Singapore. We like to bring European businesses into Asia and vice versa, where the opportunity exists.


    We invest in technology companies from many sectors, but we are particularly interested in companies from the following sectors: Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Education, New Media, Clean Energy, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Security and Privacy, Machine Learning, Software, Sensors and Robotics.


    Your company must be innovative, highly-scalable; have a differential advantage over the competition and a strategy that beats the market.


    Most of our investments are at Early Growth Stage (beyond start-up with some traction and product/market fit). Often VenturesOne is the first institutional venture capital in a start-up.


    We invest up to 3m EUR. We are committed to continue investing into our portfolio for follow-on rounds, either leading or participating meaningfully.

We are looking for great entrepreneurs building the next sustainable global businesses.

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